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Support Bay Bluffs – Vote on November 2nd

Please vote now or at the polls on November 2, 2021 to ensure that necessary maintenance, updates, and repairs are able to be completed, allowing Bay Bluffs to remain the best place to live for those needing long-term or skilled rehabilitation care.

Our request is for .25 mills a year for 10 years up to a maximum of $7.6 million.

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Bay Bluffs was built to care for our frail seniors – our parents and grandparents – and has done so for more than 50 years. Today we are preparing for our future, in which we expect more complex illnesses and an increase in those needing care for dementia.

Our capital investments will create a safe and secure environment in which residents with dementia can thrive – including updated resident living spaces and replacement of aging infrastructure of the building, in order to improve operational efficiencies to meet the complex needs of current and future residents.

As the “Baby Boom” population hits their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in the next 5-10 years, cases of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are forecast to increase significantly. This population boom in older adults with memory impairment and complex care needs will result in an increasing need for around-the-clock, skilled nursing care.

The Emmet County Medical Care Facility, Bay Bluffs, is currently equipped to provide that kind of specialized, skilled nursing care to a small segment of its resident population as we stand currently. We accept residents regardless of their income source or ability to pay and manage a positive fund-balance at this time.

As a county-owned long-term care facility, Bay Bluffs primarily cares for those who are on Medicaid. Bay Bluffs does not have an operating millage and must address both operating and capital expenses from limited Medicaid revenues. With the increasing need for individualized, skilled nursing care, residents with significant acuity issues will need to be housed in rooms that provide maximum safety and security for both the Resident and staff. The impact of COVID 19 on the operating revenue and expenses has been unprecedented. Maintaining a safe and COVID free environment has been paramount and required investment of funds to ensure safe staffing, proper infection prevention protocols are in place, and purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal protective equipment.

As a resident of Emmet County, your loved one, or someone you know, may need to receive long term, skilled nursing care and wish to remain close to home and family. Without Bay Bluffs, those who need the specialized care provided, may be forced to other parts of the state for an available bed.

Since 1966, families in Emmet County have been proud to have Bay Bluffs as a caring resource and solid member of the community. To meet the needs of the future and to maintain the integrity of the building, Bay Bluffs needs financial support from the community it serves to ensure continuation of services into the future.

For more information on the capital needs of the facility please view our recent facility assessment.

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